USA ELECTION: Faulty Software that Misdirected 3000 Votes to Biden Fixed

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The United States of America is currently witnessing the most intriguing Presidential election in her history as President Donald Trump battles Joe Biden for the White House seat.
In the latest development, Michigan county flips back to Trump, following repair of voting software glitch that misdirected 3000 votes to Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.
Reliably GOP county had originally swung to Biden.

An election-software glitch in Michigan’s Antrim County that had incorrectly directed Democratic votes to presidential candidate Joe Biden was fixed Friday, putting thousands of votes correctly into President Trump’s totals.

The software had reportedly caused a significant number of votes to be allotted to Biden in a county that has for years been reliably red. In the presumed final count, Biden had originally led in the county by roughly 3,000 votes. Revised totals show that Trump won the county by around 2,500.

Addressing the alleged software glitch, Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox said Friday during a press conference that “47 counties [in Michigan] use this same software in the same capacity.”

“These counties that use this software need to closely examine their results for similar discrepancies,” she said

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