In view of government resolve to actualize the completion agenda, ahead of 2023 deadline, the Commissioner for Works and Fire Service, Professor Eno Ibanga, on Monday, 11th, January, 2021,carried out on- the- spot assessment on road projects in the State,where he emphasized that Project Engineers should, on weekly basis,forward update on the job executed to government for assessment and completion.

Addressing the contractors, consultants and supervisors at the various projects sites, Ibanga explained that the order has become necessary as government was determined to complete and commission all roads undertaken by the Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration on or before the end of the administration in May 2023.

He stated that within the short period he has served as Works and Fire Service Commissioner, he has seen documents reflecting the fact that government has awarded various road projects to many contractors in the State.

Ibanga noted that the inspection of the projects, which will cover all sites in the State, was to enable the Ministry know the extent of work done so far by the contractors, and what would be required to complete them within the tenure of this administration.

“We had a meeting with Project Engineers and told them to give updates of the projects; and that before looking at the updates, let me also be on ground to see what is happening so that by the time we have their reports, we will have the total picture and then know what is required to accomplish the projects as soon as possible,” Ibanga stated.

The Commissioner argued that although he was impressed with the quality and extent of work done by some contractors, others failed short of expectation, upon which the Ministry would look at the various contract sum- how much have been disbursed and the extent of work done so far.

Ibanga maintained that since government will insist on putting funds where the value would be obtained, any contractor that will fail to show commensurate level of success in job execution will be sanctioned.

“At Ring Road 3 work is in progress. At Ekom Iman Junction, I have told the contractor that the project will be commissioned on May 29.”

At the Uyo / Ikot Ekpene Road, the contractor, Julius Begger PLC. told the commissioner that the company was waiting for government’s action to enable them open up outfall drain along Spring Road and also remove structures on the right of way to link up the major road to plaza.

At Ikot Ekpene / Uyo Road where JP Sigma is constructing a 10.6 km road to Abak 10,the Project Engineer,Joseph Samuel, told the commissioner that 40 percent of the the job has been completed.

The Commissioner For Works and Fire Service also gave directives during the inspection of road projects in Ikot Ekpene, Obot Akara and Ini Local Government Areas.

Addressing the contractors at those projects sites, Ibanga explained that the order to submit updates on those projects sites has become necessary as government was determined to complete and commission all roads undertaken by the Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration on or before the end of the administration in May 2023.

“We had a meeting with project supervisors and told them to give updates of the projects; and before looking at the updates, let me also be on ground to see what is happening so that by the time we have their reports, we will have the total picture and then know what is required to accomplish the projects as soon as possible,” Ibanga stated.

At Ikot Ekpene / Uyo Road where JP Sigma is constructing a 10.6 km road to Abak 10, the Project Engineer, Joseph Solomon,told the commissioner that 40 percent of the job had been completed. Ibanga directed the company to carry out proper testing and excavation of the top soil before application of laterite.

At the 110 metre span bridge along Odoro Ikpe / Ikot Ndon/ Obotume Arochukwu Road handled by Peculiar Ultimate Consance Ltd, the Commiaaioner told the project supervisor to ensure that their job will be executed according to specification.

At the 32.7 km Obot Mme/ Ikpanya Road awarded to HENSEK Integrated Services, the commissioner told the project manager to furnish the Ministry with details of the contract, as well as Abak Ifia/Ikpe Mbak Eyop project details in Obot Akara Local Government.

Cc: Imaobong Alexander

Says Contractors Will Soon Resume Work on Eket and Oron Road Projects

Sheds Light on His Activities as AKSU Vice-Chancellor

The Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Works and Fire Service, Prof. Eno Ibanga, this morning, Wednesday, 6th January 2021 bared his mind on a myriad of issues during a radio interview with comfort FM.

The University Don who is also the immediate past Vice-Chancellor of the Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) while responding to questions from the duo of Mighty George and Rose Akai also spoke on the milestones recorded during his 5year tenure as the Vice-Chancellor of AKSU, as well as the efforts made so far by his Works Ministry to complete ongoing road projects scattered across the state.

Excerpts of the interview are hereby presented by the Editor of RolanTimes online media, Aniedi UKOENANG who monitored the interview.


Comfort FM: Good Morning Professor

Prof. Ibanga: Good Morning my friends

Comfort FM : Prof. How is the works ministry?

Prof. Ibanga: We are hitting the ground running. This is dry season, so we are trying to take advantage of the season to move into all the nooks to make sure we deliver on the promises of His Excellency.

Comfort FM: It must be a different terrain for you because you are switching from managing a school to managing a ministry that provides the basic infrastructure in Akwa Ibom State, that is, construction of roads and other duties. How have you been able to adjust to that?

Prof. Ibanga: Well, when you go into a system, you get the people involved and then begin. I am a manager of people, even as a Vice-Chancellor I was managing students, staff, and so on, so now coming to the ministry, it’s just to harness all the potentials and skills in the ministry to deliver. So the difference is not much, it’s just to know how to work with people and get things done quickly.

Comfort FM : We have people who call every day, practically everybody is saying that their road is bad or they don’t have roads, clearly it should be different from when you were in school?

Prof. Ibanga: We are in a rush to deliver. As far as I am concerned, we are fixing all the roads as much as possible, and we are going to add more roads. Akwa Ibom state is blessed with the quality of leadership we have. If we move around the country you will see what happens in terms of roads in so many states. They are impassible. But in Akwa Ibom State, I think we are one of the best in terms of the good road network in this country and we are still going to deliver more.

Comfort FM: What do you want to be remembered for as your legacy?

Prof. Ibanga: It is not my legacy, the legacy of this administration will be that at the end of the administration, all road projects must have been completed and all the projects started will be completed and new projects will even be initiated to deliver on the completion agenda of His Excellency. I’ll just key into the vision of my principal for the state and the legacy is for the administration and not mine.

Comfort FM : What is the state of Ekom Iman Flyover, and how soon is that going to be completed?

Prof. Ibanga : We are going to commission Ekom Iman Flyover during the next anniversary celebration. So you can be assured that before then, both the flyover and under the bridge will be passable.

Comfort FM : What is happening with the modification of Eket, we have a lot of complaints on the roads in Eket?

Prof. Ibanga : Contractors handling internal roads in Eket have been mobilized, they say after the holidays they will get back to the site. From next week, I am going on inspection on all the roads. So definitely we are going to deliver. That is why immediately after the holidays we had already contacted the contractors to move back to the site.

Comfort FM : Also the roads in Oron, there are complaints too. It seems the concentration is in Uyo?
Prof. Ibanga: No, the concentration is not only in Uyo. There were issues with a certain failed portion of that road, and the area towards the Murtala Mohammed Highway, they had to abandon that place. We are going back to fix the overlay. If you go to Oron, you will see that the drains had been completed it’s just to do the stone base and asphalt that end of the road. We have already taken that up with the company involved. I spoke yesterday with members of Oron communities that visited me, I assured them that we are going back to do that road, and even that failed portion, we also want to do the actual drains so that we can take water away from the road. We cannot abandon any part of the state I can assure you.

Comfort FM: Professor, your name was mentioned by Academic Staff Union, ASUU, they said that their salaries were slashed by 25 percent during your regime as Vice-Chancellor of Akwa Ibom State University. The NLC Chairman who came out yesterday said that ‘Professor Eno Ibanga is responsible for all these’. He mentioned TETfund and other issues. It was very important to get a reaction from you.

Prof. Ibanga: Well Professor Eno Ibanga had left the University for over five months, so if he is not in the driving seat, am I the one that slashed their salary the past five months? As for Issues of salaries, the government pays salaries and government will definitely pay them their salaries. So it is not an issue of a person calling any person.
As for TETfund, TETfund is not managed by the University; we are just the avenues to receive TETfund. TETfund monies are attached to projects, for example, training. If somebody says you are given any amount from TETfund, the amount is tied to certain projects. Training of staff, library development, repairs, and then infrastructural development. When TETfund gives you release, they give you a checklist of what to do with the funds. And TETfund is managed by Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Education and the NUC.

Comfort FM: There is a report that out of all the state Universities or institutions, AKSU is the only one that had a pay cut and not the other ones. How true is this and why is this so?

Prof. Ibanga: How are other institutions paid? other institutions are paid directly by the government, AKSU is run by subvention. If you are given subvention, you pay the salary through subvention. So if AKSU people want the government to pay their salaries directly, it’s a simple thing, go to the consultant and let them put your name there and be paid. Other institutions are paid directly through the government and AKSU through subvention. Those are two different things. So if you want to be paid by the government go to the consultant let them put your name.

Comfort FM: Would you say that you did a great job at AKSU and shouldn’t be subject to criticism?

Prof. Ibanga: Well, what I did in AKSU stands for itself. When I went into AKSU in 2015 and when I left in 2020. When I went in there was only one faculty that had accreditation, but in 2020 we had all programmes fully accredited, we started a post-graduate programme, and we developed all the infrastructural requirements, we ran every service that the university requires, and we had increased the programmes. From the time I went in we started with 38 programmes but when we left, we had over one hundred programme including sixty-nine (69) post-graduate programmes. So anybody that has not seen changes in Akwa Ibom State University does not belong to Akwa Ibom State. As we speak, there is a biological Science complex, a TETfund project that is ongoing. A four-storey twin building. Phase one is done, phase two is ongoing. We have already moved the university from the temporary site in Ikot Akpaden to the permanent site. I am not talking about what we did before when we resumed, I am talking about what is ongoing. So I don’t see what issues anybody has with TETfund, I don’t join issues with people especially somebody that is not from the university community, and has nothing to do with the university community shouldn’t be able to give details. Because I’ve heard rumours of people mentioning funds and figures, but I don’t want to join issues with anybody.

Mkpat Enin Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has announced the sack of one of her Chapter executive member, Mr. Hillary Oton, who served as the Chapter Organizing Secretary of the party.

The news of the sack was contained in a press statement signed and made available to pressmen by the Chapter Publicity Secretary, Hon. Nkeruwem James at a media briefing held in Uyo on Monday, 4th January 2021.

Nkeruwem James flanked by the Chapter Secretary, Prince Nse Essien and the Assistant Publicity Secretary Hon. Aniedi Brown told newsmen that the sack of Mr. Oton from the Chapter Executive of the party was arrived at after the report of the disciplinary committee set up to investigate reports of gross misconduct and embezzlement of funds labeled against Oton submitted their report.

Part of the press statement reads “…the meeting also received the final report from the panel of inquiry/disciplinary committee earlier set up by the chapter executive committee on the 25th day of September, 2020 following allegations of embezzlement of funds, gross misconduct, abuse of office leveled against the Chapter organizing secretary, Mr. Hilary Isaac Oton”.

The statement further revealed that “the meeting, after reading the report, vide a motion duly moved and seconded, adopted the report and its recommendations, without any dissenting motion”.

According to the Publicity Secretary, the recommendations of the disciplinary committee recommended that;
“Mr. Oton should refund the sum of N155, 000 (one hundred and fifty five thousand naira only) to the treasury of the party in Mkpat Enin LGA”.

Also recommended was his“immediate removal from office as Organizing Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mkpat Enin Chapter in line with section59 (1)f of the constitution of the party 2017 (as amended)”.

Nkeruwem James concluded that “I therefore inform you of the approval of the Chapter Chairman of the PDP in Mkpat Enin and the concurrence of the entire Chapter Executive Committee for the removal of Mr. Hillary Isaac Oton from office as Chapter Organizing Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mkpat Enin Chapter with Immediate effect”.


Popular Calabar based Bishop Emmah Isong has releases 32 Prophesies concerning year 2021.

Bishop Isong who is the Senior Pastor of Faith Mission World Centre a.k.a City of Testimonies in his predictions warns Nigerians to ‘Buy Garri and Keep, Pray for Channels TV ” amongst other instructions.

The prophetic declarations obtained by us from the social media handles of the church and that of the bishop reads;


  1. In 2021 you shall rise in obscurity according to Isaiah 58:10. This means that there will be surprising liftings and miraculous promotions and elevations to enviable positions that will be humanly impossible. only by grace. So, it is a year of grace. If you add 2 + 0+2+1 = 5. And 5 stands for the grace of God.
  2. The Lord says, “Don’t be afraid for the God who protected you in 2020 shall keep you in 2021. Only avoid bitterness and unforgiveness.” Do not carry anybody in your heart to the new year. Let old things pass away.
  3. There shall be enforcement of safety regulations across the nations, even helmet, safety belts in factories and in traffic.
  4. Major gang leaders will receive amnesty, because they will confess and seek forgiveness, they will repent and be received back to the society. Because of the several prayers of the saints to sanitize this country of insecurity.
  5. Crime will move from car snatching to Bag snatching. Know how you carry big bags that contains nothing on the road.
  6. One of the businesses of the year that will bring money shall be photography, graphic designs and makeup artists. Makeup artists, photographers and graphic designers shall be the latest millionaires in town. Mark my words.
  7. Despite a tough economy, there will be a major technological breakthrough. In 2021 a major technological breakthrough shall be unveiled, including inventions of model cars, even in Nigeria.
  8. Buy garri and keep. These prophecies look funny, when it comes to pass you will see. Buy garri and keep! Though agriculture shall be boosted, there will be scarcity of some basic products. And this will include garri, but after which the federal government will intervene and farmers will rejoice.
  9. Pray for Biden of the United States of America, I see his name and photographs all over the tabloid in the world; magazines and online. You will hear his story in the next few days, it will shock the world.
  10. Doors will open for Nigerians in America contrary to what use to obtain. Nigerians will have access to international relationships in America. American will look for Nigeria.
  11. Pray for Pastor Ize Iyamu of Edo State, his case is not yet over. He shall be in the news again. Mark my words, it shall come to pass
  12. In 2021, Some major so-called apostles and men of God making noise like cymbals who are not called of God shall fade away into oblivion and be exposed. And in the same vein, some men of God, who are genuine, whom God has highly called, but were highly persecuted, God shall vindicate them and they will rise from obscurity.
  13. The west of Nigeria shall have their say, but the Igbos of the east, shall have their way.
  14. Pray against political confusion in Namibia. It will call for International intervention, despite government releasing of their special forces, pray that blood be not spilled and refugees be not scattered into neighbouring countries.
  15. More stringent visa policies on Nigerian politicians, and it will affect the innocent among them.
  16. Tithers and givers and supporters of the gospel of the kingdom, The Lord say : “I shall not withhold any good thing from you.” ( Psalm 84:11)
  17. In 2021, be generous and kind, but be careful and watchful, for many shall come as needy, but they shall become like a trap. The Lord says, “I will deliver you and show you my salvation.”
  18. There shall be an attempt to change a certain capital city in Nigerian state, but it will be resisted amidst heavy criticism.
  19. A new lead shall burst open by the Nigerian security network due to a high technological intelligence gathering. This is good news for Nigerian security system.
  20. Pray for Gombe State. Terrorists have been hiding in the forests and bushes of Gombe. Their hiding haven shall be revealed. They will be exposed in the name of Jesus.
  21. Pray for a certain First lady in Nigeria, that she does not mourn a key family member. ( One of the parents ) in 2021.
  22. Much attention shall be given to the disabled in 2021 and the physically challenged persons in the society. If you have an NGO, good wisdom demands that you direct it to the disabled.
  23. Football lovers : Oh the greatest miss in the history of football in any national football or tournament, a national team is seen throwing away the ball in a very serious competition. I hear them shout, Oh, over the bar ! May be it was a penalty, but it is the greatest miss ever in football.
  24. There shall be some good news in the power sector. Electricity tariffs shall experience a review, though not without mass protest and insistence. So the new Endsars will be on Power.
  25. Heavy rainfall within the middle of the year leading to several building collapse. For some of you who want to lay foundation of your building, make it solid, so that the biblical wind and rain does not pull down your house.
  26. Another business Tip prophetically. Restaurant, food vendors and outdoor business will continue to boom in 2021. He that has ears, let him hear. Do these things the Lord says, you will be a billionaire.
  27. Despite challenges in the past year of 2020, the Lord says, “Make 2021 a year of your thanksgiving unto God, for I the Lord will perfect and complete every uncompleted work in your life”
  28. I see miracle new born babies to women who have been praying and fasting and waiting, and all the blessings the enemy has held back in the yester years, shall be released in 2021.
  29. Bad news for rapists. They will be publicly condemned and disgraced, even by international media. Many voices across the world will speak against rape.
  30. There will continue to be increase in financial fraud. Be careful of financial transactions before you hit it. Please confirm and be double sure before any financial transaction. The hearts of men is becoming desperately wicked and the love of money has led many to evil.
  31. Channels Television continued to be high professionally in performance, but they will go through a season of serious persecution in 2021. Pray for them.
  32. serious scandals rocking the Nigerian sports administration culminating into open fight, even in the football field. The Nigerian Football Association, vis-à-vis our sports administrators will suffer series of greed and sports mal-handling. That means in summary, Nigerians got talent, but we lack integrity.
  33. Pray against serious shakings in the homes of top politicians and celebrities. Many marriages of top politicians and celebrities, prominent politicians will be openly shaken in 2021. Only those who know Jesus shall wax strong and do exploit.

A Nigerian man has taken to news site, nairaland to educate controversial Journalist, Femi Olunloyo and her fellow well-to-do but unmarried ladies cum feminists on what could possibly be the cause of their situation, despite their pretence.

Kemi Olunloyo had taken to her Instagram page to post why she has never gotten married at her 56years on earth. According to her, she has never been married because she doesn’t want to submit to a man. She even described women who submit to men as being weak and unhappy.

But in a quick reply, a nairalander counters her claims as being false and pretentious.

He said “Submitting to a man doesn’t indicate weakness, rather it indicates femininity. The desire to submit to a man is the quintessence of being a woman. Every woman wants to submit to a man, but there is a caveat: It has to be an attractive “alpha” man that’s higher than her financially and in terms of social status. 

“Even so called feminists and independent women still have men that they submit to in private. These men own their bodies and they do whatever these men ask them to. But they’ll come online to pretend and talk rubbish.

“Even this Kemi has a powerful man that has her pussy on his beck and call. The reason she isn’t married is because no man in his right senses will want to get married to a 56 year old woman with serious mental issues.

“Another thing is that the kind of men that wealthy, successful independent women like Kemi, LindanIkeji, Genevieve etc would be attracted to, tend to be on the top 10% percent of men, and these men are so alpha and so high value that their commitment and attention is so difficult to get. These men find it hard to commit to women, hence why most of these successful women hardly get married.

“The more successful a woman becomes, the harder it is to get commitment from the high value men they are attracted to, because these men simply will not commit. So they either have to settle for the low value beta men that will willingly commit and endure a boring, unsatisfying relationship with him, or become sex partners/baby mamas to the high value men that won’t commit”.

The controversial media influencer, Kemi has been consistent about her insistence that she is not interested in marriage, as according to her marriage is more us of a curse for women.

Applauds Udom Emmanuel for Commitment to Ibom Deep Seaport and Ibom Air
…As Oron Union Honours Him


The Immediate past Commissioner for Environment and Patroleum Resources, Rt. Hon. Ekong Sampson has eulogised Oro Nation for her cultural richness, natural endowment and human capital resourcefulness, opining that “Oro Nation is too endowed to be ignored”.

Sampson made the assertion today, Tuesday 22nd December 2020 in Uyo, where a triple celebration of Oro Cultural Festival, Family Tie Day and Build-for-Oro was held.

Speaking after he was honoured with the traditional title of ‘Edeghe Nssang Oro’ ( Good friend of Oro Nation), the former lawmaker recalled his long years of affiliations, politicking and working relationship with Oro people and remarked that Oro Nation is a people that are conscious of ethics and good conducts.

“Oro nation has a lot of personalities and geniuses. You stand out for your culture, for your intellect, you stand out for your integrity. You have earned the respect of others. In Akwa Ibom State, if you don’t respect Oro people who else would you respect?
“Oro is richly endowed and i enjoy a broad galaxy of good friends from Oro”.

He also commended Governor Udom Emmanuel for his commitment to the two mega projects located in Oron nation, namely; Ibom Air and Ibom deep seaport.

According to him, ” the huge investments and deep interest of the Governor to the success of Ibom Air and Ibom deep seaport are also pointers to the Governor’s love for Oron people, who I may describe as primary beneficiaries of the projects, as host community”. He added.

Ekong Sampson also joined the Oro union to applaud ex-Governor Victor Attah for what he described as ‘his large heartedness and bridge building approach to governance’. In his words,
” let me commend the vision of our father, Obong Victor Attah for showing large heartedness. That stands him out as a great leader, statesman and patriot. With the mechanics of bridge building, we can get the best for our people, we can get the best for our state and nation.

“I have been very consistent that Oro nation is too richly endowed to be ignored. Her potentials are enormous, both in intellect and under the surface of the earth and we must protect your rights as a collective”.

The former Council Chairman of Mkpat Enin Local Government Area ended his remark by donating to the planned building of Oro Union House in Uyo.

Earlier, the President-General of Oron Union, Bishop Etim Ante described Ekong Sampson as a good friend of Oron Nation.

He recalled to the applause of the audience the extraordinary contributions of Ekong Sampson at ensuring that Oro gained proper recognition as an oil producing area when he served as Commissioner for Environment and Patroleum Resources.

“Ekong Sampson has always been a friend of Oron nation. Not too long ago, while he was still the Commissioner for Environment and Patroleum Resources, he protected the interest of Oron by ensuring that we were properly documented as an oil producing area. I was invited to sign documents to that effect and I did. So our honour on Ekong Sampson today as ‘friend of Oro nation’ is well deserved and is motivated by his various contributions to our course”. He concluded

He was accompanied to the ceremony by a large entourage of Mkpat Enin political stakeholders and his friends across the State.

A second lockdown is imminent in Nigeria due to the recent second spike of COVID-19 reported across the country.

In what could be described as a gradual restriction of movements, the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 has this evening of Monday, 21st December 2020 announced a ban on social gatherings, restrictions on religious gatherings, recreational centres and a stay at home for Government workers from Grade Level 12 below.

The message as captured by Channels Television reads “PTF announces fresh COVID-19 restrictions, issues stay at home order for all Government staff from Grade Level 12 and below for the next 5weeks. Schools to remain closed till 18th January, 2021.

” All bars, nightclubs and recreational centres are to remain closed, while restrictions are placed on religious gatherings till further notice”.

With the latest announcement from the PTF, it is expected that states across the country might begin to announce and enforce gradual lockdown from social activities as recommended by the Federal Government.

…Says Harvest of Employment Underway for Akwa Ibom Youths


The Commissioner for Transport and Solid Minerals, Hon. Uno Etim Uno has applauded Governor Udom Emmanuel for what he described as “a big plus” to the present administration and the Deep Seaport project.

Hon. Uno bared his mind while speaking to selected journalists in Uyo.

According to him, with the latest approval given the project by the Federal Executive Council, the Ibom Deep Seaport project has moved from the drawing board to the actualisation stage.

In his words “it takes a Governor like Udom Emmanuel who has deep vision to understands the value of that project give the necessary mental, physical and financial investment needed to actualize such a big dream.

“These approvals and the job needed to actualize that vision only looks easy from a lay man’s view, but in reality it is a very tasking job and I heartily facilitate with Governor Udom Emmanuel for his unwavery dedication to the actualisation of Ibom deep SEAPORT project “.

Speaking further, the respected politician warned Akwa Ibom youths against laziness, adding that Ibom deep seaport will only reward and benefit youths who are ready to be partakers in the project via their competencies.

“I am urging our youths to buckle up and be prepared to tap into this opportunity. It is not enough to join in the celebrations, this is the time to activate the DAKKADA spirit.
“Let our youths position themselves to benefit from this project. They should find out which specialized programmes and trainings that are relevant to seaport operations and begin to prepare themselves for the massive employment that is on the way. That is the only way they can be part of what is coming to Akwa Ibom through the seaport”. He concluded

A business development expert and immediate past Chairman of Mkpat Enin Local Government Area, Hon. Ekanem Brown has applauded Governor Udom Emmanuel for what he described as “a gigantic leap” given the Ibom Deep Seaport project.

Hon. Brown bared his mind while speaking to selected journalists in Uyo.

According to him, with the latest approval given the project by the Federal Executive Council, the Ibom Deep Seaport project has moved from paper work to the path of fulfillment.

In his words “it takes a Governor like Udom Emmanuel who is visionary and understands the impact of that project to be committed to such a scary gigantic dream project.

“These approvals and the job needed to actualize that vision only looks simple from where we are sitting, in reality it is a daunting task and I heartily congratulate and felicitate with the Governor for his unwavery dedication to the actualisation of Ibom deep SEAPORT project “.

Speaking further, the business mogul warned Akwa Ibom youths against complacency, adding that Ibom deep seaport will only favour and benefit those who are ready to benefit from it.

“I must sound this warning to our youths. It is not enough to join in the celebrations, this is the time to activate the DAKKADA spirit.
“Let our youths position themselves to benefit from this project. They should research on specialized programmes and trainings that are relevant to seaport operations and begin to prepare themselves for the massive employment that is on the way. That is the only way they can benefit from the seaport”. He concluded.

Without much ado, yesterday a very sweet news trended in Akwa Ibom State, the news of the approval granted the State by the Federal Government to go ahead with the full execution of Ibom Deep Seaport project.

And while the celebrations were ongoing, and the news freely shared by both Government officials and others, the state government through the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Comrade Ini Ememobong released a formal Press Release to the public concerning the approval by FEC.

That Press Release however has a phrase that is very uncomplimentary, anti-people and even insulting to past Akwa Ibom Governors, especially, Obong Victor Attah whose 1999 to 2007 administration initiated the project and is still passionate about it.

The obnoxious phrase which is very prominent in the third paragraph of the press release reads “…it will be recalled that previous regimes since 1999 have made several attempts at kickstarting the seaport without success”.

The writer, Ini Ememobong goofed seriously by such bias remark, as if the project was initiated in 1965 and not in 1999.

He also comfortably appreciated different members of the Federal Executive Council, and others who are of course working hard to ensure that the project pulls through, but refused to acknowledge the administration that even initiated that deep vision initiative.

This to me is antagonistic to the DAKKADA spirit, this, to me is very petty, anti Akwa Ibom and the phrase was avoidable. It seems the regime of Ini Ememobong as overall information officer or image manager of the state is becoming a one-week-one-trouble affair due to very avoidable emotional actions. I think he should revisit his Harvard School books to enable him shake off the Comradeship and unionism approach to leadership.

Petty remarks like this can cause Akwa Ibom people in privileged positions to sometimes deny a sitting government the support needed to actualize a project beneficial to the whole state and her people.

We should “…rise above biases” and pettiness.

In her 2021 new year message, the State government will likely call for all Akwa Ibom people to join hands and move the state forward, but when the successes are recorded we poke others in the face, in attempt for vain glory. To the best of my knowledge Obong Victor Attah is still passionately contributing superlative ideas and contacts to the success of that seaport, how will he feel assuming he reads this myopic phrase “that past administrations since 1999 attempted… without success “

Meanwhile, I can bet that Udom Emmanuel might not complete that project, so should we be expecting the Governor that will carry out the Commissioning to write that “past administrations, (including that of Udom Emmanuel) attempted to execute Ibom Deep Seaport without success?”
The Ibom Deep seaport project is a huge project that will go beyond the Udom Emmanuel administration and probably take the next decade to actualize. Many Governors will climb the stage, play their role and go, passing the baton to the next fellow.

There are sequence of approvals to the project, and this is not even the 5th approval.

Therefore it is instructive to celebrate with decorum as we may not know whose door we might need to knock for the next stage of the project. Every contribution is very valuable and when we cannot acknowledge all efforts we must not trivialise or disparage any contribution.

Truth is that all administrations from 1999 till date have contributed meaningfully to the progress of Ibom Deep Seaport project.

(Aniedi UKOENANG is a Journalist based in Uyo. 08065566247)