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Multiple award-winning Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Adichie has disclosed that she had stopped worshipping in Catholic Churches whenever she visits Nigeria.

According to her, Catholicism in Nigeria is way too much about money, thanksgiving, and fundraising and this amongst many other reasons made her stop attending Catholic churches in Nigeria.

The 43-year-old novelist stated this during an interview with media personality, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. According to her, she still considers herself a Catholic nominally and only attends masses outside Nigeria whenever she finds a “progressive” Catholic community that upholds humanity.

She said that rather, she prefers to worship in progressive minded catholic Churches outside Nigeria, if those churches work for humanity.

“There’s still something beautiful about the mass. I find Latin beautiful, the priests sweeping up in their dresses, and the sense of community. But there’s also a lot that I quarrel with. It’s the pope I love because he’s so human. 

Hyper-conservative Catholics don’t like him. But if they read Catholic history, they should know there have been people like him who have reformed the church. I respect religion in general while questioning some of its excesses.”she said

The author of ‘Half of a yellow sun’and many other books however professed his love for the current Pope, whom he described as a conservative catholic with human face.

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A Nigerian man has taken to news site, nairaland to educate controversial Journalist, Femi Olunloyo and her fellow well-to-do but unmarried ladies cum feminists on what could possibly be the cause of their situation, despite their pretence.

Kemi Olunloyo had taken to her Instagram page to post why she has never gotten married at her 56years on earth. According to her, she has never been married because she doesn’t want to submit to a man. She even described women who submit to men as being weak and unhappy.

But in a quick reply, a nairalander counters her claims as being false and pretentious.

He said “Submitting to a man doesn’t indicate weakness, rather it indicates femininity. The desire to submit to a man is the quintessence of being a woman. Every woman wants to submit to a man, but there is a caveat: It has to be an attractive “alpha” man that’s higher than her financially and in terms of social status. 

“Even so called feminists and independent women still have men that they submit to in private. These men own their bodies and they do whatever these men ask them to. But they’ll come online to pretend and talk rubbish.

“Even this Kemi has a powerful man that has her pussy on his beck and call. The reason she isn’t married is because no man in his right senses will want to get married to a 56 year old woman with serious mental issues.

“Another thing is that the kind of men that wealthy, successful independent women like Kemi, LindanIkeji, Genevieve etc would be attracted to, tend to be on the top 10% percent of men, and these men are so alpha and so high value that their commitment and attention is so difficult to get. These men find it hard to commit to women, hence why most of these successful women hardly get married.

“The more successful a woman becomes, the harder it is to get commitment from the high value men they are attracted to, because these men simply will not commit. So they either have to settle for the low value beta men that will willingly commit and endure a boring, unsatisfying relationship with him, or become sex partners/baby mamas to the high value men that won’t commit”.

The controversial media influencer, Kemi has been consistent about her insistence that she is not interested in marriage, as according to her marriage is more us of a curse for women.

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” – Nelson Mandela

Today, is to celebrate a man of God, a firm believer in Jesus Christ, who rose from obscurity to prominence, not through opulence, but by winning many battles for humanity.

He is not a conventional preacher, but a Minister on the side of the people, who stands on his God inspired convictions even when it means standing alone.

Let us celebrate the Founder and President of Solid Rock Kingdom Church, Apostle John Okoriko as he clocks 72years today.

Apostle John Okoriko was born on 18th October 1948 in Ibekwe Akpanya, Mkpat Enin Local Government Area. He is Publisher of Best Seller, “Every Satan Has a Human Face”, a tele-evangelist, famed by his uncommon usage of a special kind of Ibibio dialect to preach the gospel, despite his American accent English speaking capabilities.

In 2016, Apostle Okoriko was given an award by Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio for being the first man to preach on DSTV channels with Ibibio dialect and for consistently interpreting and reading the Efik bible in Ibibio dialect.
Recently he was honoured to unveil the first Ibibio bible, published last month and unveiled at Ibom Hall ground.

Apostle Okoriko has fought many battles for humanity. He was the first preacher to preach against abuse of children and branding them as witches. Few months after he called out the then state Governor Godswill Akpabio to end child abuse, the Akwa Ibom State Government submitted a bill to Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly and the Child Rights Act was subsequently passed to law barring ‘evil prophets ‘ from declaring innocent children as witches.

Apostle Okoriko also fought against using culture, especially ‘ekpo nyoho’ to intimidate and victimize women. This battle he fought for three decades beginning from the 70s, until civilization neutralized such practices.

Apostle teaches his followers hardwork and godliness, he believes that every fortune or misfortune in life is caused by man or God himself and that God has no opposition.

For humanity again, Apostle Okoriko is currently fighting the battle of ending the impoverishment of bereaved families through expensive burial rites and ceremonies, unnecessary demands by Churches and communities etc before approving interment. For example, the doctrine of Solid Rock Kingdom Church makes it illegal for a Pastor or Elders to get a dime nor even eat at a burial venue of their Church member. The Church officials are rather expected to finance part of such events.

At 72, he is still healthy and hearty, Apostle (Dr) John Okoriko is still bouncing, jumping on the pulpit, flying around the world to preach the gospel and sacrificing more than 50% of his wealth for humanity, especially orphans and sick people whom he is very passionate about.

As Solid Rock Kingdom Church rolls out drums to celebrate this charismatic leader, let all his fans, admirers and those affected and impacted by his messages give him flower while he is alive.

The CEO Median Construction Development Nigerian Limited, said that Ibom Tropicana Mall would be the cheapest in rental price per square meter in Nigeria, with a Square meter going for as low as N5,400 per Square meter.

Median Construction Development Nigerian Limited, the major investors at the Ibom Tropicana Mall has assured the government and people of Akwa Ibom State that the Ibom Tropicana Mall billed to commence business in December 2020, will be of world class standard. The assurance was given by the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Olumide Akinsanya, while conducting journalists around the mall in Uyo.

Engr. Akinsanya said that his company as partners to Akwa Ibom State Government in the development of the Ibom Tropicana Mall, under a Public Private Partnership, ( PPP ) arrangement, is saddled with the responsibilities of redesigning and remodeling the complex into a functional mall with the additional mandate to occupy and manage the facilities. He noted that the State governor had since August 2015, mandated his firm to remodel the mall and bring in an Anchor investor to the mall. Shoprite was then the choice anchor, for which a ground breaking was performed. He, however, hinted that the worsening exchange rage of the Naira made it less attractive for foreign investors, hence the resort to sourcing funds and investors locally.

He announced that Market Square has been selected as the anchor investor based on their experience and track record in mall management.

While commending the investment wizardry of the governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, Engr Akinsanya stated that it was the effort of the governor that made Ibom Tropicana the only mall in Nigeria indexed in Naira. He stated that the indexing of the mall in Naira is a significant signpost of Akwa Ibom, under Gov. Emmanuel achievement in ease of doing business.

The Mall, which is 90 per cent complete, already has 60 per cent of its 55 shops signed up; with 50 per cent of the stores taken up by mainly Akwa Ibom State based organizations. Among notable firms signed up are Choice Mall, Oliver Twist, Jossy International, Quinthall, Shade Cover, Med Plus, etc. The CEO Median Construction Development Nigerian Limited, said that Ibom Tropicana Mall would be the cheapest in rental price per square meter in Nigeria, with a Square meter going for as low as N5,400 per Square meter.

The Mall, which was commissioned by the Akpabio administration at the twilight of the administration was largely uncompleted, with less than 5,000 square meters of space, has been upgraded, remodeled and completed into a 9,800 Square meters of letable space. To achieve this, the investing company went into extensive repairs, restructuring and expansion, with the entire 3,000 square meters of space to be occupied by the anchor tenant, constructed from the scratch.

When fully functional, Engr. Akinsanya said that the mall will provide 600 direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs and help stimulate enormous economic activities in the state.

It could be recalled that Ibom Tropicana Mall is one of the components of a multi-billion naira massive leisure and business complex, which the Akpabio administration started in 2008, with a promised completion period of 12 months. As the time the Akpabio administration ended in 2015, the entertainment center only had the Cineplex functioning. Even though the administration “commissioned” the mall, the facility was far from being completed for occupation and commencement of business.

Cc: David Augustine

If the result of a recent poll conducted in USA is reliable, then there are fear and concerns of an impending surge in COVID-19 figures immediately after the ongoing mass protest over the killing of unarmed black American by white police man or Cobs.

A poll found out that one in 10 Americans said they had an immediate family member or close friend who had attended a protest within the last week, even as most of the country feared a rise in coronavirus cases.

Americans in the 18 to 29 age range, those who identified as Democrats and people in urban areas were the groups more likely to say they knew protest attendees.

The majority of those polled – 86% – see the demonstrations as a moderate or large health risk. Half of those interviewed said they were either extremely or very concerned about the virus in the wake of these protests, including 60% of Democrats.

Overall, the poll found Americans were feeling that gatherings with friends, eating at restaurants and shopping were less risky than before, though more than half still said these posed a large or moderate risk.

After months of lockdown, many Americans seem to take advantage of ongoing protest to revive the social life they had missed so much while they were locked in solitude.

Recall, Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes as the 46-year-old black man pleaded for his life and died underneath him. 

Not fewer than 180 people contacted coronavirus during a wild celebration on hearing the news that lockdown has been relaxed.

Municipal Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe told BBC Marathi that the person who had organised the party infected 180 people, including 16 from a single family. He says 700 others who had come in contact with those infected have now been quarantined.

A young person organised the gathering for five friends and bought meat from a nearby district where there has been a high level of infections. Afterwards, the host’s health deteriorated and he was admitted to hospital.

He initially said he had contracted the virus while out for a walk in a park but later admitted visiting the virus-hit neighbourhood to buy meat.

Officials told the BBC that people routinely conceal activities that could lead to the virus spreading and this represented the biggest risk to the community.

The development has put local authorities under pressure to contain tyres spread from getting worst.

There are five main phrases and keywords in this title; STOP-THINKING, SEX, FOCUS and GOALS. Many times, one would think that the real things distracting him or her from achieving his or her tasks are very serious issues, not knowing that the perpetual concentration of mind on sex could be a dangerous waster of creativity, time, mental energy and resources, especially financially.

Thinking about sex is perfectly natural. We’re hormonal, sexual beings, whose genes drive us to procreate. But sometimes, sexual thoughts can become overwhelming, making it difficult to focus and difficult to get simple things done. However, it’s possible for those urges and desires to become more like background noise instead of major thoughts as you go through your everyday life, especially when you should be thinking more about career, education, health, interests and hobbies, family and friends, money.

A man cannot build a strong legacy, if he spends most of his times in pulling down different ladies’ pants. Neither can a woman achieve greatness if she spends most of her times being laid.

If a certain friend or person, time of day, mood or emotion always leads you to distracting thoughts about sex, learn to spot those triggers that drag your mind into the gutter. Create a list of your triggers. For example, do you think about sex:
• First thing when you wake in the morning
• During a particular activity, like gym, music videos, games, yoga, etc.
• On the bus.
• When you’re supposed to be studying or working.
• When you’re around the opposite sex.
• In bed.
• Or when you are bored and alone
• Is there any drink like alcohol, fruit, food or addiction that does that triggering, then handle it now that you know.

One of the ways to create the defends is to Keep a list of unsexy topics. This is basically what you consider the opposite of sexy. You could try turning yourself off by training yourself to think of unsexy things when your mind drifts into sexual territory. Anything that you would consider an unsexy mental diversion could work here.
Something like:
Make specific plans to fill idle time in your schedule by planning things in advance.
Creativity: Translate your sex drive into creative energy. Take the time you’d usually spend thinking about sex and instead devote it to a creative hobby. If it’s something you really enjoy, it can provide you with an alternate avenue for catharsis and satisfaction, keeping your mind busy. Stuffs like; Writing, including journaling, Singing, playing a musical instrument, or spinning, Painting, drawing, or sculpting. Knitting or sewing.

Think of sex in romantic terms. If you are married or in a relationship, use your sexual drive to act in a loving and caring manner toward your partner. Be romantic instead of strictly sexual, per se. That way, you can build the emotional intimacy you share with each other.
• Try thinking about how much knowledge is available in this world and how little you have then jump on your internet to research anything you would love to know, sex thoughts will go
• Thinking about some other work is also cool
• Everyone needs time to relax, but finding yourself with hours of time on your hands might lead to backsliding. Schedule your day full with events and activities to better yourself. Leave a bit of time at the end of the day for reflection and relaxation, but not so much that you’ll get too bored.

As far as sex is concerned, the more one enjoys it, the more intense a burning desire will arise. Then sex will alight even more. Whatever happiness one enjoys, the thirst for it will increase. The thirst increases due to enjoyment. The thirst will go away by not indulging in it. By not getting involved in the sexual act, one may become uneasy and unsettled for a month or two. However loss of familiarity is the key. With loss of familiarity, one will completely forget sexuality”.

You can do this by thinking about all the ways that the pleasure derived from sexuality is merely illusory, not real, and only temporary. Interrupt the link of sexual thoughts as soon as they arise in the mind. You can do this by changing the activity you are doing, changing your focus, thinking about some other work.
• The moment any sexual thoughts arise within, pluck it immediately and throw it away.
You should think about all the consequences of being entrapped in sensual pleasures, and all the cost of having sex.
The financial, emotional, spiritual, creativity and moral loss we suffer by constantly putting your mind in sex with people that do not deserve your time, attention and financial loss is crazy.

Don’t you know that sometimes we destroy beautiful relationships like marriage, dating commitments due to the fact that exchange of sex with different fellows makes maintaining one sex partner to become boring and uninteresting, this may eventually result in making our spouse emotionally less valuable and even more fatal issues in the family.

What about the fact that you can’t face your creator just after sex or the thought of it.

This write-up is not a religious material neither is it intended to make the reader a celibate. Truth is, to be constantly and perpetually thinking about and indulging in sex is a NO NO NO for anyone that is aiming for serious heights and success in life.

Blast NCDC Boss for Saying All States Will Have Positive Cases
… Says ‘We Were Prepared Even Before a Case Was Recorded in Africa’

Cross River State is one of the two states in Nigeria that is yet to record any case of COVID-19, a development the state government has said, seems not to be welcomed by powers that be in the COVID-19 management in the country.

In this special interview with a TVC News Programme, “COVID-19 MYTHS AND FACTS”, conducted via skype and monitored by, the Commissioner for Health in Cross River State, Dr. Betta Edu makes some shocking revelations about the undue pressure that the state is subjected to by powers that be, in order to be named amongst the states with COVID-19 positive cases at all cost.


PRESS: Hon. Commissioner, what is going on in Cross River State as it concerns COVID-19 fight or control?

COMMISSIONER: Cross River State, thankfully is one of the two states left as it concerns states that have not recorded COVID-19. We have had suspected cases in the past, we have send their samples to Ebonyi state and other centers and they have come back negative.
I think a week ago, the boss of NCDC said that every state in Nigeria will have the disease and it gave us some worry, because one would expect, it is the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, not the Nigeria Center for Disease Spread. And so they have that challenge to see that states do not have the disease. I think the thing of pride should be that states do not have cases rather than saying all states must have cases. It should be a challenge to the Federal Government and NCDC to ensure that the states that do no have cases stay clean.
Like I’ve been saying, Cross River state started its preventive strategy very early this year. We were the first state in Nigeria to set up and EOC for Coronavirus, we were the first state to begin sensitization even at rural areas, we were the first state in Nigeria to begin screening of people coming in to our local airport even before Africa or Nigeria recorded any case of coronavirus.

PRESS : Is it indeed true that some Cross Riverians are being promised some millions of naira if they claim being COVID-19 positive and would you want to share that text message with us?

COMMISSIONER : Like I said people have walked up to the team, not once not twice, to show us text messages in their phone that says if you accept to be a COVID-19 patient, you will be given 5million, you will be given 1milion and then they come to ask us if that is true and we tell them It’s not true. Of course the text message is this bulk SMS and we don’t know where it’s coming from, we have given it to our team to check the source and the origin of that message. And of course we have been under immense pressure to take samples from anybody just to beef up the numbers. In fact to be honest with you we’ve had to take samples from two persons who reported at UCTH, they did’t meet NCDC criteria but just to ensure that we continue to take samples and send, we had to take samples.

PRESS: Who is putting pressure on you to test anybody so that you can beef up the numbers?

COMMISSIONER: it’s like a 360 thing, at first the NCDC boss said we are not testing enough that is why we are not having positive cases, WHO is calling every day, telling us to go in to the streets and just test anybody and send them to the lab. I keep saying we need to check the criteria; these testing kits are very limited. And if we continue to test just about anybody, we might get to a point that we truly need to test people who meet the criteria and we may not have kits to test them.

PRESS: Some Nigeriens sneaked into Cross River State from Ikom, one in Obudu, one in Calabar and one in another Local Government Area, but they were not isolated, yet the Calabar team of COVID-19 is insisting that the NCDC team deployed to the state to carry out their duties is being quarantined. So what is your reaction to this?

COMMISSIONER: I think what you need to find out is the truth behind it. There have been a lot of scary messages going on in social media, so you sit today and they say there is one person in Ikom who has COVID-19, the person came in from so place, and then you ask, where in Ikom? Ikom is a big Local Government that has almost close to five hundred thousand people, and then you ask where in Ikom, there is no further information, who in Ikom?, there is no information, nothing. The next day you see a new message saying there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in Calabar, you ask, where in Calabar? Nobody knows, who is the person? and what is the contact, nobody knows. And then the next morning you here there is a confirmed case, and so on and on.

PRESS: Alright, so they can’t be substantiated, so to speak?


PRESS: Hon. Commissioner Betta Edu thank you so much for talking to us on COVID19 MYTHS AND FACTS.

It is no longer news that the American House of Representatives have been working hard to nail and impeach the current American President, Donald Trump.

In their latest onslaught, the US House of Representatives has today, Wednesday 15th January 2020 passed a resolution to submit articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate for a trial.

The resolution passed largely along party lines by 228 votes to 193.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will sign a copy of the measure with the newly announced team of lawmakers who will prosecute the case against Mr Trump.

The House, controlled by opposition Democrats, impeached the president last month.

The Senate, controlled by Mr Trump’s Republican Party, will decide whether to convict and remove him from office.

The president is accused of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. He denies trying to pressure Ukraine’s leader during a phone call on 25 July last year to open an investigation into his would-be Democratic White House challenger Joe Biden.

Mr Trump has been touting unsubstantiated corruption claims about Mr Biden and his son, Hunter, who accepted a lucrative board position with a Ukrainian energy firm while his father handled American-Ukraine relations as US vice-president. Mr Biden is one of a dozen candidates campaigning for the Democratic Party’s White House nomination.

The Senate trial will be only the third of a US president in history.

Will he be removed from office?
While Democrats control the House, Mr Trump’s fellow Republicans hold sway in the Senate 53-47 and are all but certain to acquit him. It remains to be seen how the case could influence the president’s campaign for re-election this November.

The whole world is looking at the development in America, to see and learn the lessons that America’s democracy will bequeath to the world.