LG Polls: A’Ibom PDP Justifies High Cost of Nomination Forms, Explains Suspension

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Spokesman of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Akwa Ibom State has shed light on why the party had to make the cost of the form very expensive.

Recall that for the first time, PDP sold forms for councillorship five hundred thousand naira, and that of Chairmanship, 2.5million naira.

Comr Ememobong while speaking on a radio programme said that the cost of the forms are aimed at deepening democracy.

“The cost of nomination forms are justifiable. Political Parties the world over need money to remain afloat and pursue laudable programmes.

Our Party the PDP is no exception. We run 329 ward offices in this state with at least 17 people working there. And again, Politics is meant to be a contributory project. For a Councillor who wishes to vie for an office simply need at least 50 people in that ward to contribute to sending him to go and represent them. In times past, contesting an was a community effort.

And No! I do not agree that money bags can hijack the process. This is because we have an electoral college which decides who emerges. If you are arguing that someone who has money might sit back somewhere and sponsor a candidate, I ask you what if the person is not part of the electoral college? It is the ward that must decide who represents them. “

-Comrade Ini Ememobong, Publicity Secretary, Peoples Democratic Party, Speaking right on Inspiration 105.9FM

Our sources have also revealed that the suspension of the sales of the Nomination forms was in response to cries of intending aspirants who see the high cost as a way of disenfranchising many contestants, adding that “the party had to suspend sales of form to review alot of technical issues “.

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