House of Rep Members Quietly Given N700million Naira for Agric – APC Pub. Sec Alarms

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Nwoba Chika Nwoba, APC Publicity Secretary in Ebonyi state has raised alarm, accusing the Federal Government of quietly giving 700 million naira to each House of Reps member for onward distribution to their Constituents.

Mr. Nwoba took to his Facebook page to allege that the monies, quietly received by the legislators are supposedly meant for onward distribution to farmers in the Federal Constituencies across the country, warning constituents to hold their House of Reps members accountable.

In the Facebook post, he wrote

“The sum of N700,000,000 (seven-hundred million naira) has been dolled out, each to the House of Representatives members in Nigeria to share to their constituents for Agricultural purposes. Principal officers of the House got more. This was done few days ago unannounced. Each beneficiary in a constituency is expected to get one million naira, which must be for agricultural use, only.

Hold your House of Representatives member by the jugular. Some have gone away with the money completely- while others are preparing to present it in the form of personal assistance or empowerment to their constituents- with them sharing N100,000 each to the benefitting constituents after what they may choose to call a workshop. And you’ll be clapping not knowing N900k has been made away with.

They just communicated themselves. Just like that. No open debate. When it comes to this, partisan dichotomy doesn’t crop up. Everybody is one. You won’t hear bickering. Nothing unites Nigeria politicians more than corruption. No racism. Nothing at all. *Ndi uwa!

Take note of this!


Efforts to speak to three House of Reps members that our reporters contacted did not succeed as they were not picking their calls nor respond to text messages.

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