Edo 2020: God-Fatherism Gradually Losing Grip in Our Polity

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The late former Senate President Dr. Chuba Okadigbo had described Politics as “a series of concentric circles of conspiracy” and I totally agree with him. Humanity have always naturally been inclined to fighting for freedom from perceived oppressors and this is what has played out in the case of Edo State…

I have followed political events in several states long enough to know that Edo State was going to be back in PDP. Especially when Adams Oshiomhole turned the election into a personal vendetta… The truth is, the whole idea of a governor imposing or choosing a candidate that will succeed him in office, hoping to extend his rule through a “surrogate” and continuing to be “in control” outside office is fast fading away in Nigeria.

The power and authority of the office of Governor is quite intoxicating… Yes. And it drives many sitting Governors to wrongly assume that everyone is under their feet and will remain so even after office. I have watched political battles between former governors and incumbents and 90% of the time, the incumbents triumph over the former. Yet some Governors are still not learning.

I watched Ex Gov. Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia State, set up PPA in 2005/2006, and personally enthroned Chief Theodore Orji who was in prison in 2007 as Governor, only for him (Kalu) to meet his waterloo in the hands of Theodore Orji… Kalu fought Theodore Orji with everything and in everywhere he knew, but to no avail. Theodore Orji continually triumphed… So much so that, Kalu couldn’t get a senate seat in 2011 and 2015.

I watched George Akume fight Gabriel Suswam in Benue to a point that he (Akume) had to leave PDP for Suswam. In Anambra, Peter Obi fought Willie Obiano whom he personally enthroned unsuccessfully, instead Obiano won even better in his second term elections..

In my home state, the story of 2019 is still fresh in our memory. Ex Gov. Akpabio could not believe that despite his popularity, the people still choose to support Udom Emmanuel and PDP. He did everything humanly possible to assume that position of “God-father of Akwa Ibom Politics”, he lost woefully.

I can go on and on, it is only in Lagos, that I saw Governor Akinwumi Ambode chicken out like a baby… allowing the old, haggered Tinubu to feel like a super hero… The Seat of Governor is a public seat. No one owns it… No one can claim ownership of the seat. Ambode ought to have made history by fighting from outside the party with another ticket in his hand… That would have sent shivers down the spine of the Tinubu camp, and even if he lost, he would have lost a hero.

HE Gov. Obaseki has given hope to Nigerians. He has tamed a wild and ravaging God-father. Obaseki’s performance speaks for him. The people of Edo State have stood with him to demistify the Short Kaduna Tailor that has refused to respect his age. Obaseki’s victory has shown that democracy is indeed growing in Nigeria.

No one man should be allowed the power of “killing and making alive” in our polity, no matter how well he performed in office. When a governor leaves office, it is better to “leave” and “leave”… Remain in your honour. As a Governor, you don’t have to anoint and enthrone anyone. It’s not your job. Instead put your records straight, then allow a free and fair process so that a leader chosen by the people can emerge, so you can remain in your honour…

Edo 2020 is not just a victory of the PDP, but a victory for democracy, a victory over God-fatherism, A victory over the double-mouth of a Short Kaduna Tailor… Indeed, Power belongs to God, and God gives it to Whomever He Pleases

Congratulations Gov. Godwin N. Obaseki

Edidiong Eno Ekpo

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