Crisis in Cubana Group As Celebrity Barman, “Chiefpriest” Seeks to Leave

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Except there is high powered intervention by VVIP customers and clients, a war that may unrank the Cubana Group and especially her 5star Cubana Club, bar and other services is currently brewing.

Cubana Group, a top class hospitality firm which is into hotels, lounge, tastefully furnished VIP and VVIP bars, and other services has branches in Lagos, Enugu, Abuja and Imo state.

One of the greatest strength of the firm is the personality of her manager and celebrity barman known in the public as “Cubana Chiefpriest”.

But the relationship with clients and energy of the Chiefpriest plus ‘vipes’ he injects to the live of the hospitality firm may be missing soon as the barman seeks to leave to start his own company.

The Chiefpriest recently made a post on his Instagram page after reports online stated that he disrespected his boss

Cubana Chiefpriest in the post stated that he has served well and decided to leave to start his own bar

Popular celebrity barman Cubana Chiefpriest reacted to the reports that was already going viral on social media that he has left the Cubana group.

He personally took to his official Instagram page to verify the news, adding that he deserves his freedom.

Recall that a certain blog site called Gistlovers reported that the issue between the celebrity barman and his boss Obi Cubana started when the barman assaulted a lady in an event in their Owerri branch on August 23 and it did not go down well with the boss.

According to the blog site, Cubana Chiefpriest insulted his boss Obi by pouring drinks on him, adding that Obi has now unfollowed the celebrity barman and also decided to take legal action against him.

Rolantimes has seen what seems to be a reaction to the online reports, as the celebrity barman said that he has served so well and he deserves his freedom.

According to him, he wants to start his own bar and he does not think that it should cause a misunderstanding between him and his boss
“A child is meant to grow to be greater than the father/master, why you come dey vex? Nobody can do it better than me. Am doing destiny, am doing the will of God, I have served so well and learnt so much. I did so well that history will never forget, I need my freedom, I have to do my own. E no suppose cause fight nah, well is still love. Forever on this side, May God protect and keep us.”

With the public backlashes on his boss, the Cubana Chiefpriest seems to have drawn the battle line and is prepared to work away to possibly run his own hospitality business.

C: RolanTimes

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