COVID-19: Family Hid Woman to Prevent Testing, She tested Positive

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A woman who was being hid by her family members to prevent being tested came out as first COVID-19 positive case in Nassarawa state.

Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nassarawa state narrated the ordeal of how the family of a lady who became their index case of Coronavirus, prevented officials from testing the suspect.

The Governor who felt dissapointed by the act, said the incident occurred in Kokona Local Government Area of the state. 

In his words, “It is sad to announce that Nasarawa State has the first case from this lady who travelled from Kano to Kokona. We already evacuated the lady from Kokona to Lafia where we have better facilities to take care of her.

“We have also isolated the family, where she came from, so that we could conduct proper tests on them to ensure that none of them is infected. But the sad part of everything about the lady is when we discovered that there was somebody who could have been infected as she came from Kano to the state.

“We tried to go and conduct a test on this lady but the family hid her and prevented us from even conducting the test on the lady. That is the sad part.
“I want to use this opportunity to encourage our people, especially the traders who continue to travail to some of these high risk places, like Kano and Lagos and returning home, that they could be doing more harm to their own members of the family than even the state. This is because right now, for this lady, we don’t know if some members of her family who were trying to hide her away from being tested are actually infected.”

Nassarawa is now a state with positive COVID-19 case.

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