A reliable source at the Independent National Electoral Commission in Abuja has exclusively revealed that President Muhammadu BUHARI personally send a word to the INEC Chairman that he was not interested in the removal of Mike Igini as INEC commissioner in Akwa Ibom state.

Our source said despite the pressure mounted on the Presidency and the leadership of INEC, the Nigerian President considered a change of umpire at the time as a corrupt practice and vehemently refused to soil his hands by influencing change of Mr. Mike Igini.
Our source, a female from South West Nigeria who pleaded anonymity said “In several meeting we have here at the commission the case of Mike Igini always pop up. But what Akwa Ibom people did not know is that we in INEC are used to petitions against Igini and we always laugh over it. My boss (Yakubu Mahmood) would always put a call to Igini and he usually say that there are no problems”.
Feelers from Abuja also reveals that apart from Adams Oshiomole, the APC National Chairman and a few others, majority of APC bigwigs and close aides of the President in Abuja never supported the change of Igini neither were they interested in the victory of Mr. Nsima Ekere at the polls.

Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem
The National Legal Adviser of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem has lambasted APC’s governorship candidate in Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Nsima Ekere for claiming that he was robbed of Victory at the polls.
Mr. Enoidem used his social Media handle to react to a press release personally signed by Mr. Ekere, where he claimed that the PDP robbed him of victory and that he will use all legal means to reclaim his victory.
Barr. Enoidem wrote “Whoever is the author of this piece wasn’t in Akwa Ibom state on Saturday 9,2019. It will smack of the greatest self disrespect and self depreciation for anyone who was in this state on that date to think or imagine that anyone else won the governorship election in Akwa Ibom State other than Only God: Mr Udom Emmanuel, the patently clear choice of the people.
I believe that this piece was written in a dreamland. So it remains a pipe dream. I had had occasion to say on this platform some months back that Nsima stood no chance at all in the 2019 election. I had advised then that Nsima can re-contest election in 2039 after uyo and Ikot Ekpene Senatorial Districts would’ve had their turns and the governorship rotates to Eket Senatorial District again as I was so sure that 2019-2023 was for Gov Udom Emmanuel to finish his 2nd term tenure. Again, this was why I had advised in that piece that it wasn’t reasonable for Nsima Ekere to resign from office as MD NDDC if indeed he loves Akwa Ibom state. Today, am justified in that advice whether it is believed or not. He’s lost out as I knew he was going to .
There’s no need to consult a soothsayer on why Nsima failed or lost as there’s just no reason why he would’ve won in the first place. Not on the account of his political platform which is alien to our people or has performed so woefully or on his personal score as he has never been seen to demonstrate the qualities of a person who was ready for the serious responsibilities associated with the office of a state governor. To claim otherwise here is self conceited and egotistical”.
If Nsima lost his LGA on December 2,2017 local government elections, Saturday, February 23,2019 federal elections and lost again on March 9,2019, it is very consistent with form, pattern and history that he clearly lacks the traction to win any election. It is therefore most dishonorable for him or anyone else to claim that Nsima won or stood any chance in winning the March 9, governorship election in Akwa Ibom state or that he was robbed of victory. Which victory. In which elections. I think people should learn to have self respect, honesty and dignity to accept the obvious especially what they can’t change.


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…Says Udom was Moved to Tears over Akpabio’s Fall has received an exclusive and reliable report of how Senator Godswill Akpabio phoned his successor, Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom state for good 30 times within an hour to seek intervention over his senatorial election dilemma on the day of the Presidential and National Assembly polls.

A very respected member of the state executive council in the state who said that he was with the Governor after the Saturday polls claims that it was the Governor’s aides that strengthened the Governor whom he alleged was moved to tears over his predecessor’s falls in a free and very credible polls.

The commissioner who pleaded anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter spoke to our reporter at the venue of the mop up rally of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP held at the Uyo township stadium on Wednesday, 7th March 2019.
In his words “We were with the Governor throughout that Saturday immediately after elections at our Local Governments; we drove to where he was to cheer him up. Suddenly, the reports of Akpabio’s loss were becoming believable and controversial at the same time. The Governor asked all of us to make phone calls to our party agents to get the true situation of things. Behold it was true that Akpabio loss on ground in eight Local Governments and was at the moment running amuck trying to inflate his Local Government results in a way that will swallow that of eight LGA’s.

The news of his kidnap of INEC officials and using military to threaten every opponent on sight was already everywhere, our agent confirmed that he was running amuck from pillar to post calling for help from all angles to no avail.
An hour later, the Governor asked me to come closer to him. As I went he showed me his phone screen, behold it was AKPABIO that was calling and we all folded our arms in bewilderment.

The phone kept ringing as if it was on auto redial, the Governor’s face began to wear that of pity but many of us cheered him up and reminded him of all that Akpabio had done to him including the mocking songs. Some personalities of the PDP who were there even threatened to stop supporting the Governor if he ever showed any pity to Akpabio”.

He added that at that point Governor Udom went to the closest space and bowed in submission to God.
The Commissioner described the Governor as a man with Godly character and expressed confidence that Udom’s reelection is a divine project and that Akpabio’s fall has strengthened people of the state to support the Govenror more.

“If Akpabio could lose a free and fair election amongst his annang kindred, how much more Nsima Ekere? We are aware they are ready to cause violence and disrupt the process but God is alive, he won’t allow bloods to be shed because of power”. He concluded.

Ahead of Saturday’s governorship and Houses of Assembly polls, the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) in Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Mike Igini, has revealed how the winner of the polls will be declared after thorough votes counting in accordance with the law.

The REC said this during an interaction with newsmen where he also disclosed that politicians in the state are mounting pressure on him to do their bidding.
He, however, vowed not to cave in. Instead, he promised that every vote must count during the elections. According to him, he is an umpire who is not expected to take sides with any political actor, but to ensure that votes of the electorate count.
Igini also called on security agents to provide adequate protection to election officials, promised to provide a level playing field for every actor.

He said: “Those looking for compromise in the process are the ones who are also calling for my removal. Why would you remove a man who says he wants to give everybody an equal opportunity, equal chance and there is no evidence so far of any compromise of any kind because I carry everybody along?

Just as the dust of marital woes of Pastor Chris Oyakilome was settling in the Christendom, another popular Pastor and Abuja based miracle worker, Pastor Joshua Iginla, who is the Senior Pastor of Champions Royal Assembly has broken the heart of thousand of his followers as he announces his divorce with wife and confesses to having a child outside her marriage.

Iginla who spoke to his congregation during a Sunday service, said when his wife brought an illegitimate child into their home, he forgave her, but that she refused to forgive him when he had his own child with another woman.
The cleric, in a video that has since gone viral, stated that though he had tried for seven years to “stable the vehicle,” it had resulted in a battle with his family members and disciples.

In his words in the live confession, “I and your mother in the Lord met and we had a wonderful marriage; before we got married, we started by checking our genotypes. She was AA and I was AS. We had our first daughter, a wonderful child, and eventually we discovered she had sickle cell anaemia. I receive healing for people here with sickle cell and God has been doing miracles.

“I saw it as a battle and a challenge for me as your father which is a trial of faith for me; it is not a problem for me. I embraced my daughter and we had a good relationship. I may have been the first man of God to do it in this fashion but that is how I was led to do it. I want you to throw your stones at me, abuse me, insult me and I will take it but I want to stay alive, if not for you, for my destiny.

“We later discovered in the course of time that she (Yemisi) was actually AS and I was AS. No problem. It was not a battle but one thing led to another. What happened was what would make a man divorce his wife scripturally and I had the backing for that. But I had to cover it up to be sure that my marriage moved with your mother and that led to so many things.”

He stated that because he was a man of God, he could not divorce his wife to prevent his followers from saying a man of God had parted ways with his wife.


Iginla said, “So, I chewed it as a pill and so this battle has become a big one which some men of God are taking advantage of, and sons who are under me, who are very bad, have fed on this battle. I have tried for seven years. She brought an unholy child into the marriage which was difficult for me to chew. I don’t want you to judge my wife or anything. I just want you to know.

“We had serious battles here and there; family interventions and everything. We covered it. We would have not got to this point today if my wife had listened to me when we had the battle. I also went to have a child outside wedlock and then it became a battle in the family.”
He asked his congregants to put the blame on him, saying it had become pains for me “because when your wife begins to fight you everywhere and insult you — I have told her ‘don’t fight me, let’s solve this problem in secret and if we cannot solve it, I will come to the world, confess my sins to the world, receive the insults and end this marriage.’”

The cleric added, “And that is what I am doing today because the battle is bad; it has pushed me to this point. I want the world to know; I want you to insult me. This battle didn’t start from Papa. I am not sleeping and then children who don’t know my story are insulting me unnecessarily. I felt I wanted to end the struggle. I want it to be in the media; insult me.

“I knelt down; I begged her but she chose to make me the laughing stock before people and I said the day I come on air and say this to the people, it marks the end of our union. I covered her and I didn’t divorce her, but when mine came, she threw me to the world, calling people to send me pictures.”

Iginla told his congregation that when a father had battles and challenges in life, he needed to confide in his children so that they could pray for him, adding that some children had taken advantage of his challenges and battles.

He, however, said he forgave them and had left them to God to help them not to see what he had gone through in life.

According to Iginla, he is a father who loves his kids and loves everything about his family but when one becomes a leader, a lot of people play politics with one’s life because one is a star.

He added, “Your mama is doing well; she is in America with my children and they are doing well. You need to understand that I bought a duplex worth about $1m for them in America and they attend the best schools in America.

“Assuming I was like some of you, I wouldn’t be under these attacks. So many pastors in Nigeria and outside want to play politics with Joshua Iginla because Joshua Iginla is a big man of God so you hear all manner of talk. It is good. I leave them to God.

“My daughter, Sharon, forgive me but I have to talk because I hardly sleep; my blood pressure is going up and I don’t want to leave this world before my time and I know you know I am a gift to you and the body of Christ.

“It is so painful that when men of God go through strife, you are quick to throw stones at them and abuse them. It is good. We will receive it as our cross because it is part of our battle in life.”
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sources: Twitter,

Sen Akpabio Casting His Vote

Despite the tension, rumours of alleged mass arrests and insecurity scare that captures the mood in Akwa Ibom state on friday night, the electorates on saturday morning filed out to cast their votes for their Presidential and National Assembly candidates of choice.

Apart from Ibiono, home of Sen. Ita Enang, SSA to President Buhari, where the former senator is reported to have used military to cart away voting materials to unknown destination, and the same activity alleged to have been caried out by both Chief Don Etiebiet in Oruk Anam LGA AND earstwhile senate monitity leader, Godswill Akpabio, all in APC, the election is generally reported peaceful across Akwa Ibom state.

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The seeming uprightness and integrity of some Commissioners cum umpires of Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC in some states in Nigeria has become a source of worry to the ruling political party, All Progressive Congress, APC.
This, our source gathered is the major cause of the latest onslaught by the hierarchy of APC to replace the Resident Electoral Commissioners, REC of states like Akwa Ibom and Rivers states, all in South-South Nigeria.

In a National caucus meeting, the National Chairman of the APC, Comr Adams Oshiomole claimed that the RECs of Akwa Ibom and Rivers states were compromised by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, alleging that the ‘INEC commissioners in those states are working for the PDP’. He also accused the National body of the commission of disclosing last Saturday’s postponement to the PDP hours before it happened and even pledged to swear with bible or Quran as prove.

The ruling party has after the postponement of the Presidential and National Assembly elections intensified the moves to replace the said commissioners.

While the caucus meeting held in Abuja was ongoing, Youths of APC in Akwa Ibom state were also protesting, while the APCs bigwigs were also lining up at radio stations, all calling for the removal of the state INEC Commissioner, Mr. Mike Igini, a renowned activist, academic, public affairs commentator and legal practitioner known for his UNCOMPROMISING INTEGRITY and activism for the conduct free, fair and credible polls.