Except there is high powered intervention by VVIP customers and clients, a war that may unrank the Cubana Group and especially her 5star Cubana Club, bar and other services is currently brewing.

Cubana Group, a top class hospitality firm which is into hotels, lounge, tastefully furnished VIP and VVIP bars, and other services has branches in Lagos, Enugu, Abuja and Imo state.

One of the greatest strength of the firm is the personality of her manager and celebrity barman known in the public as “Cubana Chiefpriest”.

But the relationship with clients and energy of the Chiefpriest plus ‘vipes’ he injects to the live of the hospitality firm may be missing soon as the barman seeks to leave to start his own company.

The Chiefpriest recently made a post on his Instagram page after reports online stated that he disrespected his boss

Cubana Chiefpriest in the post stated that he has served well and decided to leave to start his own bar

Popular celebrity barman Cubana Chiefpriest reacted to the reports that was already going viral on social media that he has left the Cubana group.

He personally took to his official Instagram page to verify the news, adding that he deserves his freedom.

Recall that a certain blog site called Gistlovers reported that the issue between the celebrity barman and his boss Obi Cubana started when the barman assaulted a lady in an event in their Owerri branch on August 23 and it did not go down well with the boss.

According to the blog site, Cubana Chiefpriest insulted his boss Obi by pouring drinks on him, adding that Obi has now unfollowed the celebrity barman and also decided to take legal action against him.

Rolantimes has seen what seems to be a reaction to the online reports, as the celebrity barman said that he has served so well and he deserves his freedom.

According to him, he wants to start his own bar and he does not think that it should cause a misunderstanding between him and his boss
“A child is meant to grow to be greater than the father/master, why you come dey vex? Nobody can do it better than me. Am doing destiny, am doing the will of God, I have served so well and learnt so much. I did so well that history will never forget, I need my freedom, I have to do my own. E no suppose cause fight nah, well is still love. Forever on this side, May God protect and keep us.”

With the public backlashes on his boss, the Cubana Chiefpriest seems to have drawn the battle line and is prepared to work away to possibly run his own hospitality business.

C: RolanTimes

A bride-to-be was reportedly left in shock as her inlaws, especially her to-be Sister inlaw and Mother-Inlaw asked her to wash off her make up to reveal her real face.

The drama which is said to have happened in Ogun state, led to the postponement of the introduction for another day.

According to a Twitter User, simply identified as Donald, a family Introduction was thrown into confusion as the bride showed up wearing heavy makeup, a development that caused the mother inlaw to demand for opportunity to see the “real face” of the woman brought to the family by her son

The lady in question reportedly refused the request, but the daughters of the woman supported their mother by providing medicated face wipes to the bride-to-be for use, but she stood her ground and vehemently rejected the idea of clearing the layers of painting on her face.

This development, is said to have led to the postponement of the event till October, when the lady is expected to show up with her real face.

Many people have however reacted to the development with variance of opinions as so stand for and others against the unusual request.

Rolantimes provides screenshots of the reactions below…

A bride-to-be was reportedly left in shock as her inlaws, especially her to-be Sister inlaw and Mother-Inlaw asked her to wash off her make up to reveal her real face.

The drama which is said to have happened in Ogun state, led to the postponement of the introduction for another day.

According to a Twitter User, simply identified as Donald, a family Introduction was thrown into confusion as the bride showed up wearing heavy makeup, a development that caused the mother inlaw to demand for opportunity to see the “real face” of the woman brought to the family by her son

The lady in question reportedly refused the request, but the daughters of the woman supported their mother by providing medicated face wipes to the bride-to-be for use, but she stood her ground and vehemently rejected the idea of clearing the layers of painting on her face.

This development, is said to have led to the postponement of the event till October, when the lady is expected to show up with her real face.

Many people have however reacted to the development with variance of opinions as so stand for and others against the unusual request.

Rolantimes provides screenshots of the reactions below…

Nigerians may not buy petrol at N151 announced by the Federal Government as new pump price as the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, IPMAN has moved to hike the price even higher.

The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) has directed its members in the Southwest region of the country to begin sales of the Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) popularly referred to as petrol at N162 per litre.

The southwest Zonal Chairman of IPMAN, Alhaji ‘Dele Tajudeen in a telephone chat with journalists in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital, said his members would be left with no other option than to dispense the product at a price of N162.

Tajudeen said, the directive followed the increase in the deport loading price of the product by the federal government, which placed a new price regime of the product at N151. 56k.

He explained that since the federal government has decided and puts the price of the product at N151. 56k, IPMAN has no option than to sell at N162 to be able to meet up with the overhead cost.

Tajudeen said IPMAN members would have to make provision for the cost of diesel to run generator that will power the dispensing machines; pay the cost of transporting the fuel from the depot to their respective filling stations and also settle their statutory levies with the appropriate regulatory agencies.

That by the time they finish paying all these levies, the cost of discharging fuel at the petroleum filling stations would have shored up to N160, hence dispensing the product at N162 will enable IPMAN members to be able to pay the staff bills and the stations’ gains.

With this information, Nigerians may not buy the product at the new pump price fixed by the Federal Government, rather at N162 per litre fixed by the IPMAN.

“Imagine spending over 16 hours on the hospital premises without being attended to. Only one vehicle was allowed in four hours. Not even any interventional treatment from any of the doctors or nurses. Unfortunately, we lost her yesterday morning.”

Relatives lament deplorable emergency services
•We are doing our best; govt, stakeholders should increase funding –Hospital

The beauty and excellence that the University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan was known for is fast fading off and the institution has become something of a shadow of its former self. Or how else could one describe the deplorable condition of its emergency services, which has left patients and their relatives in agony.

That was the opinion of some of the patients of the apex medical tertiary institution, who spoke with Saturday Telegraph over recent happenings in the hospital. Though the condition has not been fantastic in recent time, the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus (COVID- 19) pandemic early in the year has worsened the already bad situation as some patients rushed to the hospital died due to lack of urgent attention to their cases. And the situation has left many of the patients in confusion

Some of the patients, who spoke with our correspondent when Saturday Telegraph visited the Emergency Section of the hospital, lamented the poor services being rendered by the hospital and its medical personnel. A patient (names withheld) said: “There is nothing like emergency services at the Emergency Unit of the UCH any longer.

For now, the word ’emergency’ should be changed to another thing. The place has become a killing field”. Also, a lecturer in a sister insitution, whose sister was referred to the UCH for emergency medical attention on Saturday August 22, also lamented that his sister had to stay in a car on queue within the precinct of the Emergency Unit of the hospital for 16 hours before she could be admitted for treatment.

Another patient, who was driven to Ibadan from Delta State on Tuesday eve-ning, could not be attended to until Wednesday morning, while another patient, apparently suffering from renal problem was driven to the hospital as early as 6 a.m. and was in the car till a few minutes to 9 a.m. when Saturday Telegraph spoke with him.

Though it was not known when the man was eventually allowed in or what became of him eventually, since he was the second on the queue of five vehicles then, the sister to the lecturer who stayed in the car for 16 hours painfully passed on in the morning of Thursday.

In the excruciating account of the don, he said: “My sister was referred to the UCH and we conveyed her to the Emergency Unit of the hospital by 4 p.m. on Saturday, August 22. There were five other vehicles with patients on the queue before we got there. We were on the queue and slept in the car till daybreak. Before my sister could be admitted to the Emergency Section, it was 1 p.m. on Sunday.

“Imagine spending over 16 hours on the hospital premises without being attended to. Only one vehicle was allowed in four hours. Not even any interventional treatment from any of the doctors or nurses. Unfortunately, we lost her yesterday morning.

Asked whether the medical personnel gave him any explanation why the admission process was slow, the don said they complained of shortage of space facilities. “It is when one patient is moved into the ward or to the mortuary that they will allow another patient in. What is the essence of emergency when patients stay in the car for about 17 hours?

What manner of emergency services are they rendering? An emergency shouldn’t take more than five minutes to be attended to. This is very appalling”, he said. Granted the health condition of many such patients could have degenerated before being rushed to the Emergency Unit of the hospital, the lamentation of the concerned relatives was the lack of any salvaging and stabilising attention to the patients by the medical personnel while in their vehicles. The man, who was suffering from a renal issue, as well as his relatives said: “a doctor came here and spoke with us briefly but said that we will soon be attended to.

It is now over an hour in this chilly weather and we have not seen anybody. The first person on the queue has just been moved in; we don’t know when it will be our turn. But at least, one expects the doctors to effect some emergency services, however little since they know the painful condition we will be in.”

The hospital management was however not without any explanation for the unfortunate situation, as its Head, Information Department and Public Relations Officer, Toye Akinrinlola, said that the hospital was doing its best. He said: “The overstretched facilities and funding inadequacy from the government are our main obstacles.

UCH does not turn patients back by our rules and by our standard of practice. And we have well trained responsible personnel who don’t joke with their jobs. But sometimes, we are seriously handicapped by space. “Our cubicle can accommodate just 24 patients at a time and about six or eight at the triage.

So, anytime we have patients more than what we can accommodate in the emergency that means others will have to wait. But while they are waiting, either a doctor or a nurse will also go out to have an occasional check on the patients they have brought.

So, it is not true that we have neglected patients outside or we have kept patients unattended to for a long time. It is either that the spaces have been filled up, or all the medical personnel or health workers are seriously engaged in managing the patients that are inside. And as soon as there is any space, they move another patient in and they get attention or when you move out a patient from emergency to any ward, they get replaced. “So, we are a responsible organisation and we take the health of Nigerians as a priority. That is why we are here and regardless of the challenges that we have, we still make do with what we have to give the best.

“But I want to use this medium also to appeal to the State Government to improve on the primary and secondary levels of healthcare delivery so that the pressure on UCH will be reduced. Let me also use this opportunity to implore well-meaning Nigerians to see funding of the health sector as a priority.

If they do this, we will have facilities to work with and we will have equipment to work with.” Asked what the UCH management can do to improve this ugly condition aside the assistance of the State Government and the stakeholders, Akinrinlola said that the “government funding is not enough by any standard to accommodate all the challenges in the health sector.

You can see that by the side of the Emergency Unit we are building a four-storey building. It is under construction. If we have funds to complete that in record time, it will greatly reduce the pressure at the Emergency. We are trying our best; I must confess to you. “And if we have, for instance, six emergency doctors on ground and there are 30 patients to attend to, we are overstretching our facilities and we are also overstretching the medical personnel. That is the situation.”

C: SaturdayTelegraph


Arising from the recent outburst from the former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode with the Cross River State Correspondent of Daily Trust Newspaper, Mr. Eyo Charles during an illegal press conference organized by the Cross River State Government, on Thursday, August 20, 2020 and subsequent reaction from deferent segments of the society, the Cross River State Council of NUJ held an emergency congress to appraised the various issues that emerged from that event.

Accordingly, after exhaustive deliberations and contributions from members the Congress hereby resolves as follows:

  1. Congress condemns the verbal insult and abuse from FFK and noted that such words could only come out of the lips of a frustrated, immature, bankrupt, irresponsible and unsteady mind and accordingly blacklisted the former Minister of Aviation from all media activities in the State.
  2. Congress further blacklists the Government of Cross River State from any media coverage by all members of Nigeria Union of Journalist in the State for organizing an illegal press conference thereby creating a platform for FFK to abuse and insult a journalist, Mr. Eyo Charles of the Daily Trust Newspaper.
  3. It mandated the State Council to immediately communicate in writing to all media organisations to withdraw their correspondents from Government House and stop them from covering or reporting any activity of the State Government until the issue is resolved.
  4. Congress restates it’s total support for and stand with the Daily Trust Correspondent, Eyo Charles on the question that resulted to the unprovoked outburst.
  5. Congress also directs that the State Council to issue warning letters to members who attended the press conference and did not do anything to protect their colleague after which each of them is to individually write an apology letter through the State Council to the National Leadership of the Union with a firm promise never to violet the rules and regulations guiding the Journalism practice.
  6. Congress hereby resolve that henceforth all press briefings by any individual(s), public or private organizations must be held at the NUJ Press Centre, unless as maybe directed by the State Council.
  7. It warned that any journalist that organizes or attends any press briefing not approved by the State Council shall be sanctioned.
  8. In line with NEC resolution on the proscription of beats, Congress directs the immediate proscription of the illegally operated Cross River State Government House Press Corps.
  9. Congress hereby thanks the National Leadership of the Nigeria Union of Journalist, Management of Daily Trust Newspaper, Civil Societies, Community Based and Faith-based Organisations, religious leaders, members of local and international organisations, groups and individuals for defending the truth.

Richard Ndoma Oka Ibor

Chairman State Secretary, NUJ

Communiqué drafting Committee

Victor Udu

State Chairman, NUJ

The CEO Median Construction Development Nigerian Limited, said that Ibom Tropicana Mall would be the cheapest in rental price per square meter in Nigeria, with a Square meter going for as low as N5,400 per Square meter.

Median Construction Development Nigerian Limited, the major investors at the Ibom Tropicana Mall has assured the government and people of Akwa Ibom State that the Ibom Tropicana Mall billed to commence business in December 2020, will be of world class standard. The assurance was given by the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Olumide Akinsanya, while conducting journalists around the mall in Uyo.

Engr. Akinsanya said that his company as partners to Akwa Ibom State Government in the development of the Ibom Tropicana Mall, under a Public Private Partnership, ( PPP ) arrangement, is saddled with the responsibilities of redesigning and remodeling the complex into a functional mall with the additional mandate to occupy and manage the facilities. He noted that the State governor had since August 2015, mandated his firm to remodel the mall and bring in an Anchor investor to the mall. Shoprite was then the choice anchor, for which a ground breaking was performed. He, however, hinted that the worsening exchange rage of the Naira made it less attractive for foreign investors, hence the resort to sourcing funds and investors locally.

He announced that Market Square has been selected as the anchor investor based on their experience and track record in mall management.

While commending the investment wizardry of the governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, Engr Akinsanya stated that it was the effort of the governor that made Ibom Tropicana the only mall in Nigeria indexed in Naira. He stated that the indexing of the mall in Naira is a significant signpost of Akwa Ibom, under Gov. Emmanuel achievement in ease of doing business.

The Mall, which is 90 per cent complete, already has 60 per cent of its 55 shops signed up; with 50 per cent of the stores taken up by mainly Akwa Ibom State based organizations. Among notable firms signed up are Choice Mall, Oliver Twist, Jossy International, Quinthall, Shade Cover, Med Plus, etc. The CEO Median Construction Development Nigerian Limited, said that Ibom Tropicana Mall would be the cheapest in rental price per square meter in Nigeria, with a Square meter going for as low as N5,400 per Square meter.

The Mall, which was commissioned by the Akpabio administration at the twilight of the administration was largely uncompleted, with less than 5,000 square meters of space, has been upgraded, remodeled and completed into a 9,800 Square meters of letable space. To achieve this, the investing company went into extensive repairs, restructuring and expansion, with the entire 3,000 square meters of space to be occupied by the anchor tenant, constructed from the scratch.

When fully functional, Engr. Akinsanya said that the mall will provide 600 direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs and help stimulate enormous economic activities in the state.

It could be recalled that Ibom Tropicana Mall is one of the components of a multi-billion naira massive leisure and business complex, which the Akpabio administration started in 2008, with a promised completion period of 12 months. As the time the Akpabio administration ended in 2015, the entertainment center only had the Cineplex functioning. Even though the administration “commissioned” the mall, the facility was far from being completed for occupation and commencement of business.

Cc: David Augustine

Akwa Ibom state Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel has trashed the current report by the National Bureau of Statistics NBS, which listed Akwa Ibom state as second highest in unemployment in Nigeria, describing it as unjustifiable.

Mr. Emmanuel made the remark on Sunday while fielding questions from the citizens during his routine interactive media session, questioned how the NBS arrived at its rating when people are being employed in different sectors of the economy including Agriculture and Aviation and even in private businesses.

He challenged the NBS to come face to face with him and explain the way they came about the data and arrived at their conclusion, stressing that he may be forced to use the state government statisticians to prove them wrong.

“But our own statistics is for planning and not for political reasons. Akwa Ibomites should ignore that report. As at today, we have launched over 18 new industries in the State and if you check very well, every local government you go to today in Akwa Ibom State is a construction site.

“Those casual workers earn a minimum of 4,000,00 naira a day and they work six days a week, you multiply that by four weeks in a month.

“Even in our medical services, I inherited over one hundred doctors and over the past four years we have increased it to more than four hundred doctors, is that not employment?

“Do you know how many direct and indirect workers we have in Ibom Air? We are even employing people from other states. Let me tell you, in a period like this the fastest way to stimulate the economy and promote sustainability is an investment in infrastructure.

“I am glad to announce to you that our toilet paper factory we started during the COVid-19 lockdown has been completed. I am going to declare it open during our 33rd-anniversary celebration.

“We have also re-worked and improved the plastic factory in terms of quality and capacity. Also, find out the people being employed in the hospitality businesses across the state.

He said some of the hospitality concerns employed as much as 250 personnel and also added that some new industries, like the vehicle assembling and manufacturing factory in the state, are making progress.

“What then do they call employment? I want to be corrected. I know some of these things can be attributed to ignorance.

“How can you talk about statistics in Nigeria when you don’t even know the population of the states. I am ready for an open debate. Let them come and show me the statistics they computed”

“I am not saying we are there yet in terms of employment, but we are better off than what we met on ground. It is wrong to say that we are worse off. No we are not.”

He used the opportunity to caution the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Ita Enang against making inciteful remarks against his government.

He advised Enang to instead seek ways to attract federal presence and even personal investments to support the economy of the state, saying, “Someone like Ita Enang is busy insulting the governor but cannot even attract the federal government to the Calabar-Itu road that passes across his village. He has not built a single kilometer of road. If he claims to be at the center, he should be able to use that position to attract development, and not seeking to destroy our state.

” When he talks about education, how many schools have the Federal government given him money to renovate in the state? I am not against criticism, but be constructive in your criticism and do not create undue tension in the state.

“We may use him as example to others if he keeps on this way. Use your connection with the center to attract goodwill to the state”

“In the last 15 years, no one can see a law chambers he as a lawyer has opened to employ a single staff, he has not opened a kiosk anywhere or even a tailoring shop to engage one person, but runs his mouth on the internet every day, insulting the Governor.

“If Ita Enang wants to contest as Governor, he should go and pick a form and contest and stop inciting our youths to violence”, he added.

The Governor for the umpteenth time assured Akwa Ibom people that he will not impose a successor on them, and appealed to them to ensure that no cultist was permitted to take over the state as his successor.

He cautioned the people that if they desired the peace he has worked so hard to maintain in the state, they must carefully avoid voting a cultist into office as the next governor of the state.

“For this peace to continue to reign and for Christ to have control, then you must not vote a cultist to succeed me as Governor. I am not interested in third term through a surrogate only thing you can help do is to ensure that no cultist is allowed to emerge Governor of the state.

“The only way to ensure lasting in state peace is to further make a way to eradicate cultism. You have to embrace peace. Some cult groups are clashing in some parts of the state and we will stop at nothing to ensure we crush them.
“it is not our intention to deploy soldiers to volatile areas, but they are forcing us to do so. please let parents talk to their children, they gain nothing from cultism. it is time to go the right way” the governor said.

The Governor also warned youths against taking the laws into their hands, and advised that negotiations remain the best approach towards airing grievances.

Youths of Mkpat Enin and Eastern Obolo should be warned that we would no longer tolerate any situation where they take to the streets to block economic activities.

Mr Emmanuel said that he instructed the security agents not to take any action against them but warned that henceforth, any such action in any part of the state will be fully resisted and culprits arrested and made to face the law.

The Governor’s media briefing takes place once per month.

Source: Media Unit
Govt House, Uyo

It is no longer news that on Saturday15th August 2020 , the member representing Etinan Federal constituency in the Federal House of Representatives, Abuja, Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke empowered hundreds of women through his wife, Dr. Uduak Luke, as she doled out what she described as a “post covid-19 support fund” to the tune of seven million, five hundred thousand (7,500,000) naira to the beneficiaries.

As expected, Nsit Ibom Local Government Council Secretariat, venue of the empowerment exercise was agog, as women from across Etinan, Nsit Ubium and Nsit Ibom Local Government Areas that make up Rt. Hon. Luke’s Federal Constituency sang and danced, rejoicing over the economic succour they received.

But beyond the aesthesis and ecstasy of that event, lays the deeper expression and practice of humanity by the Legislator, fulfilling the age long belief that a friend in need, is a friend indeed.
Covid-19, a merciless pandemic that has arrogantly destroyed humanity without conscience, taking millions of lives and leaving even more millions of families grieving is a phenomenon that has brought with it so many revelations and lessons. Some call it a weaponless war, and obviously the whole globe has been switched to a war mood. A mood that makes everyone to fight, fend and protect only themselves and family.

Nevertheless, since the door of history can never be shut, the pandemic has also opened a window for posterity, a kind of posterity that will judge and single out men, women, politicians, organization and institutions who stood by their people in time of need. And when such a time of reckoning shall come, Onofiok Luke and wife shall have their names written in gold.

Of course, in Akwa Ibom State, the name, Onofiok Luke has become synonymous with empowerment, human capital development and succour to the needy, and as the covid-19 pandemic presented another opportunity for humans to indeed practice humanity, Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke again rose to the occasion.

It could be recalled that in April 2020, barely one month after the declaration of Lockdown in states across Nigeria, Mr. Luke was the first public servant or simply put, legislator in Akwa Ibom State to donate relief materials to his people.

In that outing, Barrister Luke, who is the immediate past Speaker of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly donated assorted food items worth twelve million naira to the people of Etinan, Nsit Ubium and Nsit Ibom Federal Constituency, in addition to a donation of his two months salary to the National Coordinating Committee of Covid-19 relief materials at the federal level, as announced by his Media Assistant.
He further made another donation of two million naira to the Akwa Ibom State Coordinating Committee set aside to manage a coordinated response to the welfare of citizens, amidst the covid-19 pandemic and its obvious economic setbacks on families and organizations in the state.

One would satisfactorily applaud those uncommon efforts of his, at battling the scourge of the virus on the welfare of his people, but it seems Barrister Luke was not satisfied; hence he yet again has doled out cash support of 7.5million naira to support women.

Onofiok Luke by this latest donation has toed the line of thought of the Kenyan born former United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Koffi Anan who asserted that “ when a woman is empowered, a whole nation is empowered”.

Typical of Onofiok Luke who would never waste his energy nor offer a kind of helping hand that cannot really help a hand, the choice of women for this latest empowerment exercise seems very strategic. For example, at the venue of this latest empowerment, some aged women, young female adults and petty traders testified about how much relief and succour the financial support will be to their families.

The beneficiaries, as I learnt, were carefully selected, and target were rural women and petty traders, amongst which are widows and other women that a financial aid of twenty thousand to fifty thousand (N20,000 – N50,000) naira could make so much impact on their lives and businesses, not just for them, but for the benefit of their families.

One Arit Amaete, from Etinan Local Government Area who spoke to pressmen was nearly moved to tears as she emotionally confessed that her small scale grocery business had completely ceased and the foodstuffs converted to family use during the lockdown period. But armed with a fifty thousand naira envelop in her hands, she said hope has been restored and her life given back to her and her family, as her business will be revived.

Needless to emphasize that Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke, whose entire political career is trademarked by human capital development is working the talk, in line with Oscar Auliq-Ice’s exhortation that “…every individual and organization has a role to play in mobilizing skills, finance, talents and life experiences to move towards a more just and equitable world where all have what they need to survive and thrive in life”.

Indeed, Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke has answered the call for humans to show humanity some love in this period of physical and economic gloominess.

(Aniedi Ukoenang is a journalist and Development Communications enthusiast based in Uyo – 08065566247)

No fewer than 350 women from Etinan Federal Constituency have benefited from 7.5million naira post Covid-19 Support fund, aimed at cushioning post COVID-19 economic impacts on their families and businesses.

Wife of the member representing Etinan Federal Constituency, Dr (Mrs) Uduak Onofiok Luke, made the cash donations to the beneficiaries at the women empowerment event held in the premises of Nsit Ibom Local Government Council Secretariat today, Saturday 15th August.

At the event, at least 350 women carefully selected from rural communities across Etinan, Nsit Ubium and Nsit Ibom Local Government Areas that make up Etinan Federal Constituency smiled home with either twenty thousand (20,000) naira or fifty thousand (50,000) naira depending on their categories.

In her remarks at the event, Dr Luke intimated that the gesture became necessary in support of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s effort to ameliorate the harsh consequences of the post Covid-19 pandemic in the economy and economic lives of people in the state.

“I have been greatly inspired by Her Excellency’s striking passion for building hope to the most vulnerable of our society and offering her strength for the weak especially through the Family Empowerment and Youth Re-Orientation Path-Initiative (FEYReP). The Covid-19 pandemic provided another opportunity for Her Excellency in support of the Governor through this initiative FEYREP to ameliorate the hardship caused by the breakout of the covid-19”.

“Today, I am borrowing a leaf from Her Excellency’s drive, and in support of and to compliment the efforts of my husband, I am here to institute this support funding of 7.5million Naira for about 350 entrepreneurial women in Etinan Federal Constituency”.

“I have decided to provide this post covid support funding for 350 women who are entrepreneurs and petty traders cutting across this federal constituency to help cushion the attendant economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic”.

“The outbreak of the Coronavirus has occasioned a very strong negative impact on individuals, families, countries and even the most organized economies of the world are scrambling for answers as the breakdown in the health and economic systems have been really manifest and it is for times like this that a little gift from a genuine heart of love would mean so much to someone. A smile given, time spent and resources parted with could give another a reason to live and hope again and it is in the realization of these challenges and with the earnest expectation that the women of Etinan Federal Constituency would not feel the great weight of the biting scourge of the Pandemic for we have been admonished by Jesus Christ in Luke 3:11 that he who hath two coats should impart to him that had none and he that hath meat should do likewise”.

“This time in our history demands a collaborative approach towards giving adequate support to the most vulnerable amongst us and it is my firm believe that this intervention will help boost the participation of our women in business and enable them invest in their small businesses which will in turn assist them to provide support for their families and communities at large”.

“I enlist the cooperation of other persons to support the good deeds of the first lady of Akwa Ibom State and His Excellency the Governor towards Making Akwa Ibom State a destination of choice as we focus on the completion Agenda while also asking for your prayers and Support for my Husband and your son, Honorable Onofiok Luke to continually be a representative you all are proud of”

In their reactions, Chairman of the Planning Committee, and wife of former Etinan Council Chairman, Mrs. Kenneth Isantim Okon, wife of Nsit-Ubium Council Chairman, Mrs. Nsikak Eric Akpan, wife of the Director General, Amazing Grace Campaign Organization, Mrs. Victoria Anietie Etuk, Wife of Lands and Town Planning Commissioner, Mrs. Mabel Ime Ekpo, and a former lawmaker, Dr. Sarah Esit and others extended appreciation to Dr Uduak for remembering the women of the federal constituency, poured encomiums on the host for not forgetting the women whom they said, worked hard for the election of the House of Reps member.
They prayed Gods reward, blessings and endless favour on Mrs. Onofiok Luke.

Responding, Mrs Iboro Akpan one of the beneficiaries, thanked the donor for the gesture and promised to make the best use of the empowerment.

Also at the event were women leaders and stakeholders in the federal constituency, including wives of Council Chairmen, members of boards and commission, and aides to the Governor from the federal constituency.

Highlight of the event was the roll call of beneficiaries and presentation of the cash gifts.