By Tom FredFish

It is unexpected that people like the author of the above caption will twist facts before the public in other to rub dirty on industrious Akwa Ibom sons and daughters who have made reputations for themselves because of politics and cheap political stunt.

The stunt that Udom Inoyo is a member of a cult group is very cheap, low and intellectually lazy!

To begin with, there is no person of adult age in Nigeria that doesn’t know that the National Association of SeaDogs aka Pyrates Confraternity is not a cult group but a convergence for intellectual engagement in the world – who engages in the most robust debate in lecture series dedicated to honouring Nigeria and Africa’s most outstanding and enduring literary icon: Professor Sole Soyinka (Nobel Laureate).

The lecture series established in 1994 holds annually in the month of July (which is the birth month of Professor Soyinka) aimed at promoting GOOD GOVERNANCE, SOCIAL JUSTICE and ADVANCEMENT OF DEMOCRATIC Ideas in Nigeria and beyond. Since its inception, the body has held 25 lectures in three continents around the world – Africa, Europe and North America.

The National Association of SeaDogs is duly registered under the Laws of the federal republic of Nigeria (Perpetual Succession Act) Cap. 98, and later on with the CAC. The Pyrates has made its presence felt socially and economically by all legal means available.

They have always been the watchdog of the society. That is why they invite prominent Nigerians to chair the annual event as well as give lectures to sustain Nigeria’s fledging democracy. Thus, notable Nigerians such as Most Reverend Matthew Hassan Kukah, Adams Oshiomole (current APC chairman), Udom Inoyo, Nuhu Ribadu, Ekpo Nta, Obi Ezekwesili, governor Godwin Obaseki, Dr. Author Nwankwo, Prof. Itse Sagay among others have been guest lecturers / chairmen of the event.

It is therefore nothing but chicken-blackmail for anyone to call Udom Inoyo a cultist or a member of the board of trustees of Pyrates because he chose to honour the association’s invitation for the 2013 lecture in Uyo, with former ICPC chairman, Ekpo Nta based on his credibility and anti corruption stance.

To the author; this is politics. But to many Akwa Ibom people who know Udom Inoyo and are well acquainted with his moral background, the piece of misinformation is one of the many series of Nollyhood scripts that have been prepared, being dusted and brought out gradually to cast aspersions on Mr. Inoyo’s hard earned reputation because few elements are scared that Mr. Inoyo may vie for Akwa Ibom governorship position in 2023.

I believe that Akwa Ibom people are too intelligent to fall hook, line and sinker for this “April fool”. Since Pyrates is a registered association with CAC who has a list of members and Trustees, Akwa Ibom people can easily verify the claims of the author especially Mr. Inoyo’s membership status.

Truth is that, notable Nigerians attend this academically viable event from time to time in honour Prof Wole Soyinka but are NEVER called members of the Association or a cultist. Why Inoyo? Attending Pyrates intellectual discourse, doesn’t make one a member.

You can call Udom Inoyo any name but not a CULTIST, or a THIEF. So, bring the next episode of the well prepared series of scripts; this very one, won’t fly.

Tom FredFish is a public affairs analyst.