The rape accusation labelled by Busola Dakolo against COZA lead Pastor, Fatoyinbo has refused to die from the public space as more celebrities dig deep to unveil the real truth of the matter.

The latest development is coming from veteran journalist, Kemi Olunloyo who has claimed that the accuser is lying against the clergy.

In a social media post, Kemi wondered why Busola has refused to grant her and other media houses interviews, and made attempts to fault the testimony of Busola against the clergy by presenting some supposed validation.

Kemi posted that “Busola Dakolo fabricated the babysitting year, I caught her, now it’s 2002 when Shindara was born. Sperm killer Krest pulled off market 2001. How could Pastor @biodunfatoyinbo have fed her Krest Bitter Lemon in a fabricated 2002 rape assuming he was taking her to babysit and they stopped in the bush to have intercourse?”

The journalist further claimed that “the Coca Cola company told me today that they shifted the market for Schweppes bitter lemon so they don’t sell the same two product in one market. Today they even manufactured Teem as a newer affordable bitter lemon.
Pathetic liar @busoladakolo
did not practice her interview well with @ynaijatelevision. Her motive to destroy this pastor and church are unclear. She has refused to INTERVIEW with me or any other outlets as she’s been paid for this exclusive HOGWASH”

It is expected that Busola will respond to this accusation to ser the record straight.